From the outside, San Pedro is a working class town rooted in history. A multi-cultural port and fishing town with warm people and warm weather. A small town secret gem tucked away in the farthest corner of L.A.

On the inside, the spirit of San Pedro is strong. It's the way it has been and the way it will always be. We are a close knit community of people who care about each other and about where we live. Neighbors become friends, friends become family.  We are a vibrant community of individuals; diverse, dynamic, accepting. We are connected to each other with a common bond. Enjoying living, exploring, growing. Everybody is somebody here.

We are progressing forward. Nothing feels as much like home as San Pedro does.

On the outside, we're up and coming. On the inside, we're already there.

Come join us here, learn how to eat, play and live like an insider in San Pedro.