San Pedro's Top Sandwich


There are plenty of places in town to get a great sandwich but we think these are the top 3.  

If you like a filling sandwich, you'll love Pirozzi's Italian Deli's Italian sub.  Located in Weymouth corner. The bread is amazing, the lettuce and tomato fresh, high-quality meat and cheese and they don't do mayo here, just an Italian dressing that is delicious. The portion is huge, just like your Italian nonna made it, making sure you got enough to eat.  

Busy Bee Market has been in the same suburban neighborhood for generations. We ate there as kids and now our kids eat there. It's soft bread, mustard and mayo, a little lettuce and a couple types of meat, one cheese and those pepperoncini they throw on the side that bring us back to our childhood.

You might know the South Shores Meat Shop at the corner of 25th and Western for their meat and fish selection but they also make a killer sandwich with a smile. High-quality meat and cheese on a fresh roll with mayo and some fresh chopped veggies that give the sandwich zing. It's delicious!


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